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Feedback from JMU Audience on Malaria & Business

In Malaria on April 25, 2011 at 11:25 am

Dennis Tracz, Founder 141 Repellent, Inc.

“He had an excellent message”, “I found his talk very inspiring”, “He wanted to share is excitement and enthusiasm”, ‘I would recommend sending out a university wide email “

Last week I gave a presentation about how business can help solve the global malaria problem @JMU. The sponsoring professor just sent some feedback from the students.  I enjoyed my visit to JMU very much!

Student S. T.:

I liked Dennis, especially in the context of Net Impact. I felt he had an excellent message and made attempts to relate to the students and engage them in conversation. I don’t think he promoted his company anymore than he needed to in telling his story. Because of this, and the fact that he is a JMU graduate who apparently played a crucial part in bringing a Net Impact chapter to JMU, I would definitely recommend having him back.

Student L. B.:

Worth having him on campus? Very much so. I found his talk very inspiring and I wish more people would have been there.

Appropriate subject matter? I believe it is a great subject matter because it is so relevant everywhere in the world. He made great connections (for us Business majors) between his company’s path and the possibilities that are out there regarding social entrepreneurship.

Did he promote his company/product too much? The product was put in a very positive light, but I think that that’s because he really believes in it. I did not feel like he was promoting the product to us for use, it was more that he wanted to share is excitement and enthusiasm about it.

Recommend having him back? Definitely. I would recommend sending out a university wide email because I could imagine that many nursing majors or pre-med students would attend.  Although the business aspect is important, I believe that this topic would be of great interest to them as well.

Student D. P.:

I thought the presentation itself was not as engaging as the Q&A section. I learned and understood more dialoging with him about the subject matter. The subject was very relevant, with social entrepreneurship at its core. The idea and current facts make his venture have ground breaking possibilities. I’m very interested in the next stages of the repellent. Thanks for bringing him to speak.

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