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Massive US Effort vs Dengue Fever in Pacific

In Dengue Fever, Uncategorized on November 11, 2011 at 9:23 pm

Marshall Islands: US backs big response to dengue outbreak

Via Fiji Times OnlineUS backs big response to dengue outbreak. Excerpt:

With the number of confirmed dengue fever cases in the Marshall Islands skyrocketing to 579 people as of Wednesday, the capital city of Majuro has launched an aggressive campaign to eradicate mosquitoes with the help of experts from the United States.

Bolstering the dengue control effort is a US Navy team that arrived in Majuro this week to kill mosquitoes with pesticides.

Nearly all the dengue fever cases are on Majuro, with only three confirmed on nearby Arno Atoll.

In response to the outbreak, the US government has mounted a large-scale response involving the US Centers for Disease Control and US Naval Medical Research Unit 2 Pacific.

The World Health Organisation is also on sight as officials work to treat patients pouring into the hospital and eradicate mosquito-breeding areas.

The CDC sent in a team of doctors and entomologists who are working to assess the mosquito varieties causing the outbreak, assisting Majuro Hospital doctors and nurses to treat the many people hospitalized, and developing strategies for containing the illness.

The US Naval Medical Research Unit 2 Pacific sent a five-person insecticide spray team to Majuro early this week. The team members are experts in mosquito control and are all certified by the Defense Department as pesticide applicators, said the Navy unit’s Executive Officer Captain George Schoeler.

“At the request of the Marshall Islands government our team brings the capability to help the CDC and World Health Organizations teams already at work to get this outbreak under control,” Schoeler said.


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