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A Novel Biopesticide Spatial Repellent for Malaria Avoidance


Dennis Tracz



A Novel Biopesticide Spatial Repellent for Malaria Avoidance

Tracz, Dennis

141 Repellent, Inc. Lexington, Virginia 

Mosquitoes are becoming resistant to current insecticides used in treating bed nets and for Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS) of interior surfaces. Because of a toxic mode of action current generations of mosquitoes in some areas are not killed or repelled by pyrethroids or even DDT. We are developing formulations and materials for introducing a recently discovered natural, biopesticide arthropod spatial repellent with a deterrent mode of action that prevents mosquitoes from feeding.

Isolongifolenone and it’s analogs as discovered by Dr. Aijun Zhang of the USDA, ARS and colleagues acts effectively in in vitro testing in preventing feeding by malaria vectors. Additional testing by Nicole Achee and colleagues from Uniformed Services University demonstrated spatial repellency effects from the compound. DDT has demonstrated effective spatial repellency over the years even where mosquitoes have developed resistance to its toxic mode of action. The mosquitoes in many cases will not enter a dwelling where DDT has been sprayed on the walls. Initial lab testing in conjunction with ICR Labs and International Flavors and Fragrances patented PolyIFF have demonstrated that infusing an isolongifolenone analog into a molded plastic form in thin film or thicker formats results in a long lasting and effective spatial repellent. Indications are that the spatial repellent effect can be engineered to be effective for up to 3 years.

We are now starting investigation of adding our spatial repellent to clothing in conjunction with Insect Shield, LLC, the leading manufacturer of insect repellent clothing. We believe a non-toxic spatial repellent can improve lives and save money.

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