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Our Plan to Change the World @141Repellent

In Dengue Fever, Malaria on February 15, 2011 at 4:52 pm

We are working on developing a new approach to malaria disease control with our all natural, non-toxic repellent. Our product has potentially lower costs and is much safer for the people protected and the environment. Initial tests demonstrate a strong spatial repellent action without being toxic. We believe we can use our molecule in fabric and other materials for long lasting protection

The quote below is from an internationally known malaria disease control expert commenting about our efforts:

All I can say is that a product for use in malaria control programs could potentially have a huge market…  It could have huge impact saving lives.  It could have utility not only for use in malaria programs but could have huge impact in the control of other diseasesDengue is one such disease.  In humid tropical regions it causes millions of cases and large debilitating epidemics each year.

If you can get the funding, we can begin doing the critical tests.  If tests give a favorable outcome, then we can move the chemicals into field testing and open negotiations with WHOPES. .. A non toxic compound would be an absolute first in this business of disease control.  Actually, lets be honest, there really is no such thing as a non toxic chemical.  However, there is potential that your chemicals are much safer than chemicals in present use.  The reason I say this is that each of the chemicals in use today are in use precisely because they are toxic–your chemicals will be the exception.

If we develop a data base showing your chemicals are spatial repellents, are truly effective in preventing malaria, and are non toxic–then WHOPES would have no choice but to approve the chemicals for use in malaria control programs.

Keep up the good work.  Hope this can move forward.”




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